A gushing waterfall has almost a balming and calming effect on travellers. A waterfall is a metaphor for life, which is forever in motion, limitless and transient. Therefore, covering waterfalls has always been in the itinerary of every traveller. We bring to you eight most dramatic waterfalls in India that you must, most absolutely visit!

Gokak, Karnataka


Located in the Belgaum district, this fall is created by the waters of Malaprabha River due to the gorge created by the rocky hills of Gokak. These falls, in a shape of horseshoe, paint a truly pleasing picture.

Athirapally, Kerala


The most beautiful falls in the God’s Own Country, Athirapally falls, are famous because they are beautifully entwined amidst lush green forest. Witness the rhythmic mysticism of the silver-white waters cascading down the cliff.

Dudhsagar, Goa


Like its name, water here plummets through four tiers and gushes in such force that it creates mist while falling down, creating a milky white appearance. It is a picture to behold, mostly during monsoons.

Jog, Karnataka


This is the highest waterfall in India and has water gushing through its four panels. Located in Shimoga, there is a hydroelectric power station located here. You can watch arching rainbows created by the falls.

Chitrakot, Chattisgarh


One of the most impressive waterfalls, Chitrakot in the Bastar region of Chhatisgarh is a must visit destination for its amazing spectacle and the fact and amazing bird-watching opportunities it provides.

Dhuandhar, Madhya Pradesh


As the name suggests, Dhuandhar makes loud roaring sounds as it noisily cascades through the rocky marbles.

Sivasamudram Falls, Karnataka


It is indeed an awe-inspiring sight to watch nature unleash its power as the River Cauvery branches into two separate falls: Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. This makes Sivasamudram Falls in Mysore a must see destination.

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya


These falls, located in the virginal landscapes of Meghalaya, take the tallest plunge only to create a lake with green water.