The City of Pearls, Nizams, and the world famous Hyderabadi biryani, Hyderabad has been a foodie’s paradise and a history lover’s haven! Over four centuries old, Hyderabad is one of the biggest and fastest growing metropolitan cities in India. Hyderabad is best known for the Golconda Fort, Charminar, Hussain Sagar Lake, various tombs and mosques and one of the country’s biggest film cities, Ramoji City.

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In fact, recently, Hyderabad also made it as the number one city in India on the basis of best standard of living. With the annual report released by Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings 2016, Hyderabad makes it higher than any other Indian city, to the 139th spot. Looking for a quick getaway from the city? Here are 5 weekend getaways from Hyderabad you can escape to.


This is the second time in a row that Hyderabad has been ranked as the best Indian City and is a lot ahead of most other cities in the country.

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However, Hyderabad has dropped down one spot in the global listings (from the 138th position last year), due to the extreme climate conditions and the irregular power supply.

Yet, when compared to rest of the nation, Hyderabad is known to have relatively better options for international and reputable English speaking schools, lower crime rate and lesser air pollution.


Globally, Vienna made the cut for the best quality of living, followed by Zurich, Auckland, Munich and Vancouver.

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In India, Pune and Bangalore were ranked on number 144 and 145, making them the second and third best city in India. Followed by Chennai on 150, Mumbai on 152, Kolkata on 160 and lastly Delhi on 161.


Factors such as socio-economic conditions, housing, political stability, crime, heath care, transport, recreation and education were taken into consideration for assessing around 230 cities around the world, proving how little Indian cities have improved.

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