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India is a country that is no less than a treasure chest with secrets that are hidden and tucked away for the longest time. For instance, this lake in the Himalayas that is edged with human skeletons and has been uninhabited for the past few centuries.

The Roopkund Lake is a glacial lake in the state of Uttarakhand and forms an amazing patch to trek through as it lies at a height of 16,500 ft. The lake is not too deep, two meters only. However, there have been over three hundred only human skulls, but entire skeletons lying around the lake. These skeletons are visible only during a summer month when the lake melts. and the clear water gives one a perfect look at the bones, some with flesh or hair attached too.

skeleton lake

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Legends say that these bones belong to Raja Jasdhaval, king of a town called Kanauj. Apparently he was on a pilgrimage with his wife, Rani Balampa, and his troop members to the Nanda Devi shrine when a heavy hail storm washed the entire group away near the Roopkund lake.

Some studies believe that the skeletons belong to an Iranian group who were looking for a new settlement along with local porters. Most speculations point out that these bones belong to somewhere between 8th or 9th century.


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This is not the only reason why the trip is a scary one to take. If you plan to trek to the lake, then make up your  mind to be welcomed by hostile weather and getting confused with the directions. The place may get lonesome even for somebody traveling in a large group!