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Travel bucket lists are a real thing now more than ever. For the simple reason that it has become easier to actually tick off the items on that list. Youngsters have taken to travel as an integral part of their lifestyle and many millennials have now started traveling pretty early in their life. It is therefore natural that these millennials are making plans and drawing up bucket lists of places they would love to visit or things they would love to do in their lifetime. And a recent survey revealed that bathing in Iceland’s amazing blue lagoon is right on top of the list for millennials. (DO SEE What this hiker saw on a cliff in Iceland will leave you stunned!)

Results of a poll conducted by youth travel outfit Contiki revealed that bathing in Iceland’s Blue lagoon was right on top in the list called “The No Regrets Travel List”. This list was drawn out after polling 5,000 young people around the world aged 18-35. It lists the top 20 most sought after holiday experiences for 2017 among millennials. Featuring several amazing experiences like walking the Great Wall of China, kissing at the Eiffel tower, partying in Las Vegas and seeing the Grand Canyon from a helicopter, the top 20 travel bucket list of millennials gives you a clear picture of what youngsters in the world are excited about. And clearly, bathing in Iceland’s blue lagoon is the most popular activity on their minds.

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Iceland’s blue lagoon is famous for its mineral-enriched bathing water right in the middle of breathtaking mountain views. This milky blue pool has water which self-cleanses every 40 hours. Iceland has been growing in popularity among tourists thanks to innovative tourist campaigns by the country’s government and also the fact that it features in the hugely successful TV series ‘Game of thrones’. Iceland expects to welcome welcome 2 million tourists in 2017 which is five times the number of people who visited it in 2010. This is not surprising given the fact that it is home to stunning wonders like the blue lagoon. (ALSO SEE 19 breathtaking pictures of Icelandic roads are all you need to make your day!)

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Here is the entire top 20 list that the poll yielded:

1. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

2. See the Great Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

3. Walk the Great Wall of China


4. Chill out on the beach in Byron Bay (Australia)

5. Learn how to make pizza in Italy

6. Road trip along Route 66 (USA)

7. Gondola ride in Venice (Italy)


8. Kiss at the Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

9. Watch sea turtles lay their eggs in Costa Rica

10. Picnic in the French countryside

11 . Party in Las Vegas (USA)

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12. Visit Yosemite National Park (USA)

13. Watch the sunrise over Uluru (Australia)

14. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)


15. See the Mona Lisa (Paris, France)

16. Try all the gelato in Rome (Italy)

17. See the Grand Canyon by helicopter (USA)

18. Cuddle a koala in Queensland (Australia)

Koala Queensland

19. Zipline through the rainforest in Costa Rica

20. Ride a bike through Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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