Travelling in India is an activity that most of us have on our bucket lists. From the cold desert of Spiti to the serenity of Kerala backwaters to the beauty of the Himalayas and the frolic on the beaches of Goa, there’s scope for all that and more. However, no travel is complete without an attempt to capture the scenic beauty on your cameras to be cherished later as memories or to be shared on social platforms. Either way, this World Photography Day (August 19) spoil yourself by getting the best accessories for your camera to capture that perfect shot.

MP Action Camera

This camera is perfect for hiking and bike rides in the mountainous terrain as it negates the hassle of holding the camera as you go. You can strap it onto your helmet or surf-board and fearlessly take it everywhere from surf to streets to capture your favourite action-packed activities.

Camera Neck Strap

A camera neck strap is a must-have as a camera accessory to make sure you don’t lose your camera in the wild as you fumble for other things while taking that shot.

Tripod Stand

A travel camera’s best companion undoubtedly for a perfect shot is the tripod stand. Whether it’s a digital camera, card camera or smart phone, the tripod is the best support for a stable and unfazed shot.

Mini Microphone

If you’re a vlogger, a mini microphone would let you record your travelogue on the go. It can be used in digital recorders, computers, cameras, camcorders or any other equipment with Mic, 3.5mm stereo input. Flexible and convenient to use, it’s a handy equipment for all your travel recording moments.

Portable Selfie Ring Flash

What’s a trip without selfies. While taking selfies during broad daylight is hardly a problem, it’s a task to get one at night-time. Invest in a selfie flash ring that would let you click the brightest picture in the dark on your phone camera.