When you think of a vacation in Karnataka, places such as Bengaluru, Coorg, Mysore, or Hampi usually come to mind. But incase you’re done exploring them and are looking for something new, there’s a district called Chitradurga about a 200km from Bangalore. It’s quite a hidden gem; named after an umbrella-shaped hill found here located by the side of the river Vedavati. This place is known by several names like Chitrakaladurg, Chitradurg and as the Britishers named it, Chittaldrug. Chitradurga is famed for its hills, valleys, stone fortresses and rivers and is a picture perfect place to unwind amidst nature.

One of the most charming attractions of Chitradurga is the Chitradurga Fort built during the 17th and 18th century. It has gone through the hands of several rulers and undergone so many transformations that you can’t attribute it’s features to any one period. However, the fort was expanded the most during the rule of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. You will find temples, masjid, storage for oil and grain and a citadel within the fort.

Chitradurga Fort is a testament of such compelling beauty that you’d be in awe of it right from when you set your eyes on the stunning relic. The soaring boulders present in the vicinity of the fort, along with the architecture will transport you into a era gone by. Once home to Tipu Sultan, the fort has various passages to several parts like its warehouses, mosques, ancient temples, and water reservoirs. Originally built by Chalukyas and Hoysalas and later expanded by the Nayakas of Chitradurga, the fort houses 18 temples in its upper territory.

The Hidimbeshwar temple situated within the fort is the oldest among all the temples and is a must see. The temple is carved out of a rock and has the influence of the Dravidian culture. The Vani Vilas Sagar dam located at a distance of 32 kilometers from Chitradurga is also worth a visit. The best time to visit this place is from October to March.

There are two airports near Chitradurga; the first one is the Hubli Airport which is approximately 186km away and the second one is the Bangalore International Airport which is 197km away. Buses and trains are available from there to reach the place