Haven’t we all heard of the adage, “All roads lead to Rome”? Wondered why this saying was created in the first place? It’s because the Romans were mulish when it came to constructing everything and anything…including their roads! With the Roman Empire spreading steadily, they ensured that vast number of workers would accompany their armies and build roads all across their empire. The Romans were adamant that their roads should be absolutely straight! So wherever you looked in those days, all you saw were straight roads! Eventually the Romans had yet another brainwave, which was to create road signs so that people would know which roads to follow to get to their destinations. Today, we use the modern version of road signs and sign boards all across the world; which brings us to our topic of discussion. Don’t we all love going on long drives and road trips across various parts of the country? Driving on highways with friends or family or even going solo and enjoying a road trip is ecstatic to say in the least. We come across many road signs on the highways; reminding us of how many more kilometres we have to travel, and then…there are signs that warn us of imminent dangers while driving…and to drive home the point of driving safely, we even come across some amusing road signs on the highways that will make you let out peals of laughter. Truly some of these signs will make your road trips all the more enjoyable…read on!

Well…what can we say…it takes an expert to handle curves!


Like your whisky on the rocks? Be careful what you wish for on this highway!


This is one case where neither the court nor the mediation lawyers would object to!


Gossip mongers silence is certainly a virtue…at times…


For those who love doing a Ferrari ki Sawaari on the highways…


I don’t want to hear a peep out of you!


A gentle reminder to all those listless sloths!


You’re driving at a dizzying height of more than 17,000 feet…best not to look down…and smile please!

Smile road sign


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