One of the least populous districts of Gujarat, Dang is a great place to visit for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. If the idea of spending the entire night admiring gleaming fireflies or spotting a variety of avifauna such as wood pecker, parrot, hornbill, Indian sparrow, drongo, egret and eagle excites you, then this is just the place for you.

The best time to go is during the monsoons when countless fireflies light up the night sky. You can spot as many as eighteen varieties of fireflies, each emitting a different pattern of light. This galaxy-like effect with innumerable stars in the sky and fireflies around you happens only during this season.

There’s also a heavy tribal culture that’s prevalent in this part of Gujarat; the adivasis bring colour and vibrancy to the district with their indigenous song and dancing. For an immersive rural experience, staying at the Mahal Eco Campsite in the premises of Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is highly recommended.

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You can also opt for a village tour that will take you to the interiors of Dang, bringing you the chance of experiencing many village activities first hand. Among them is breaking the shell of the paddy by traditional method; learning how to manually make rice flour; the process of dung flooring, bamboo artwork and chopping wood.

For the adventure enthusiast, a trip to Dang is incomplete without embarking on a forest trek in Purna Wildlife Sanctuary and Vansda National Park. The teak and bamboo forest of Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is especially great for wildlife spotting such as Bengal tiger, Indian giant squirrel, gaur and a variety of birds such as jungle bush quail, red spurfowl and large woodshrike. The neatest airports from Dang are in Nashik (Maharashtra), about 135km away and Surat (Gujarat), about 139km away.