Deoghar, also known as ‘Baidyanath Dhaam,’ is a major Hindu pilgrimage centre in Jharkhand. Surrounded by ruins of Buddhist monasteries, Deoghar attracts about 7 to 8 million devotees in the month of Shravan, who come to pay their respects to Lord Shiva’s Jyotirlinga at the Baidyanath Temple. However, these are the top-most attractions in the city.

Mandar Hill

Another well-known pilgrimage destination, Mandar Hill is a must visit, located at an altitude of 700 feet. Built on top of the hill to pay respect to the 12th Jain Tirthankar -Vasupujya, Mandar Hill is also known as ‘Sumeru Parvat.’ Surrounded by a vast lake, and with the Vishnu-Lakshmi Temple in the vicinity, Mandar Hill is one of the most important places to visit in the city.

Dev Sangh Ashram

Though Dev Sangh Ashram is a temple dedicated to the nine avatars of Goddess Durga, it also houses the idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Saraswati, and Annapurna. The annual Durga Puja celebrated here attracts a huge number of devotees every year from West Bengal and Odisha. Keep an eye out for the samadhi of Acharya Narendranath Brahmachari in the temple premises.

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Noulakha Temple

Located about 2km away from Baidyanath Temple, Noulakha Temple is a shrine dedicated to Radha and Krishna and is also a major Hindu pilgrimage centre. The ambiance around this temple is extremely calm and peaceful, and stretches to about 146 feet in height. Another great attraction about 8km away from the temple is Tapovan – an area that consists of a number of caves, and where the saint Balananda used to meditate.

A trip to Deoghar is incomplete without sampling the authentic dishes here from the various famous eateries. Peda, tilkut, rabri, parantha, bel ka moraba and mangoes are highly recommended. Deoghar is is easily accessible by road from Kolkata, Patna and Ranchi.