Carry a backpack and dragging a suitcase are not the same. The former needs much more thought while packing. That’s because it’s just one big chunk of compartment and not planning how to pack it can lead to major inconveniences later. These are the things you must keep in mind if you’re a proud backpacker.

Choose the right backpack

If you own a regular top-access backpack, it may be time for you to invest in a slightly upgraded version that provides more comfort. There are backpacks with wheels available; getting one of those will ensure that you don’t carry the backpack on your shoulder at all times. Another variety is where the backpack transitions into a duffel bag; that just makes it easier to access the main compartment of the backpack.

Minimalism is key

Don’t be an impulsive packer, especially if you know you’ll be hiking and walking long distances. Take the things that you’re sure you’ll need. Anything extra will give you major sweat later. Try and figure how to pack lighter clothes, compact towels and do away completely with items that you can probably buy later on the trip.

Put your things in an organised manner

It’s important to distribute the weight of the things in your backpack evenly so as to not strain your back. Sometimes extra load can pull you off balance; so remember to put heavy items in the vertical centre of your pack and as close to your back as possible. Put lighter stuff at the bottom, and slightly heavier ones in the middle. Also, keep what you’ll need the most right at the top.

Compress your load

A well-compressed pack is easier to carry, so use the backpack’s external straps to compress the bag as tightly as possible. Make sure to not let stuff take up more space than they need to. The more compact you can make your pack, the more comfortably you will be able to carry it.

Get a rain-proof cover 

Most backpacks come with a water-proof cover, but if you don’t have one, you can get it separately. It’s an important essential; you don’t want everything in your bag to get dripping wet after hiking in the rains.