Nilgiri Main

Have you ever traveled in any of the mountain trains of India? Oh, the joy of traveling in toy trains is unexplainable in words. If you like these trains, here’s information about the popular Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Tamil Nadu.

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway was built by the British in 1908. In 2005, UNESCO added NMR to the list of World Heritage Sites. This railway is a 46 km single track gauge connecting Mettupalayam with Ooty. The Nilgiri Passenger Train travels through 208 curves, 16 tunnels and 250 bridges. The uphill journey here takes 290 minutes and the downhill journey takes 215 minutes. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway has the steepest track in Asia with a gradient of 8.33%.

The unique feature of this line is its oldest and the steepest ‘rack and pinion technology’. It is the only rack and pinion rack system in India.

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway has featured in quite a few movies. Coonoor station was one the locations in David Lean’s film A Passage to India. Ketti station was used as the location in a Malayalam film Summer in Bethlehem. The famous Bollywood song Chaiyya Chaiyya from Shah Rukh Khan’s Dil Se was shot on the rooftop of NMR. Lovedale station has featured in the famous Tamil hit, Moonram Pirai.

So, have you enjoyed the joy ride that Nilgiri Mountain Railway has to offer? If yes, do share your experience! If not, pack your bags and head to Ooty!