Travelling with kids can be exciting or a nightmare for both you and your young ones. Advance planning and preparation go a long way in ensuring you have memories for the right reasons.

Here are a few things you can keep in mind for everything to work out smoothly.

Book early

First and foremost book your tickets well in advance. A confirmed ticket will give you peace of mind and you can start preparing your kid for the journey. If your kids are old enough, involve them in the planning stage; half your job is done there.

If you’re travelling by train, booking early will ensure you get a berth of your choice. Overnight journey saves you lot of trouble as major part of journey is spent sleeping. But if its an early morning train or flight make it a point to put the child to bed early or else your half asleep – half awake child may throw one too many tantrums.

An irritated child can test your patience when you are boarding the train or flight.

Road trips can make you face different challenges and require a lot of preparation. Travelling in own your vehicle automatically will probably comfort your kid. But if it’s a different vehicle keep some of your child’s favorite toys to keep the child occupied. An early morning start will ensure everybody is fresh for the trip.

Pack right

If you are heading to the mountains, then pack extra warm clothes. Change in climate is known to be a big spoiler on such trips, so carrying some extra clothes is a small price to pay. Let your child have his/her favorite toy, anything that you think will make him comfortable.  If you have bought something specially for the trip make sure your child uses it before you venture out.

Try and replicate settings of your home, adapting to the new environment will be made easier that way.

Play games

While travelling avoid the usual video games or handing over your smartphone/tablet to your child. Try to introduce the kid to board games or books during long journeys. For road trips both video and board games are bit difficult to manage. But you can play memory games or make it a point that your child is being observant of the scenery.

You can also tell them about the place you are visiting or people they will be meeting. If you too are visiting the place for the first time, find out more about it and share fun facts. Spending time to make things interesting for your kid is necessary. Don’t forget to reward the winner whenever you stop for a break! The tried, tested and never out of fashion Antakshari can be enjoyed on such trips.

If you’re traveling with tow or more kids, avoiding fights and pointless arguments is key. Be fair to all the kids and let them all enjoy the spot near the window.

Carry enough food

It is the only thing that you will require to be extra prepared for. Carry a mix of healthy and junk snacks. Make sure motion sickness doesn’t come your or your child’s way. Comfort food is key.

Also check with the hotel if your requirements can be taken care of. Though packaged snacks are easily available everywhere, kids will demand for some specific food items you may not be able to locate easily. Be prepared. Keep homemade snacks for times of emergency.

Pack medicines

Whether the trip is long or short, you must carry all the medicines you think may be needed. This includes both the ones prescribed for you and your children and the ones you carry to be on the safer side. Inform your family doctor about the trip and that you may call him in case of emergency.

Research about the place you’re going to, the climate may call for extra medication.