Festa De Diu, Asia’s longest beach festival was kick started on December 1. It is scheduled to end on February 15, 2016 giving travelers plenty of time to visit Diu. Located off the Gulf of Khambhat near Gujarat. Since it is one of the most understated destinations union territory, there a lot to explore, discover and enjoy without being mobbed. Diu offers a blend of culture, traditions, history and a pinch of what the Portuguese  left behind. There are historic forts in Diu that you could definitely visit.

Here are five pristine beaches of Diu you must visit, because there is no place else that could feel like Ilha De Calma, the peaceful island.

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1. Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Diu. It is without doubt the most famous beach in Diu. A swim in the crystal clear water is definitely suggested. You can ride a horse on the shore, do some yoga, or try out some adventure sports. This beach is also home to a unique palm tree that branches, Hoka, brought to India by the Portuguese, Diu is the only place to boast about the growth of these trees. There are a plenty of hotels and resorts by the beach that will take you through a relaxing experience.

2. Jallandhar Beach

Jallandhar Beach

The Jallandhar shrine is one of the treasures of Diu. The place gets its name from a mythological demon, Jallandhar who was killed by Krishna. There is a stone carved face located at a quick hike up a small hillock. One of the untouched beaches of Diu, the Jallandhar beach will give you the luxury of solitude that most people are constantly looking for.

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3. Chakratirth Beach

Diu has one of the cleanest coastlines in India. Located near the Diu city, the Chakratirth beach is visited by several people on a daily basis. The beach gets it’s name because of a famous mythological tale. When Krishna killed the demon, Jallandhar, he used his Chakra. In honor of this legend, there is a small temple built with Krishna’s foot prints carved in stone. Another absolutely cool part about visiting this beach is that, you can walk over to a hillock named Bhanslo during the low-tide to experience solitude at its best.

4. Gomtimata Beach

Gomtimata Beach

This is one of the other popular beaches of Diu that is flooded by travelers and tourists from around the world. The beach is busy but not overcrowded. You can take a dip in the blue waters, sun bathe, build a sand castle, or play volleyball by the beach. This beach is situated on the west side of Diu and is easily accessible from everywhere on the island.

 5. Ghoghla Beach

Ghoghla Beach

The golden sand at the Ghoghla beach is a complete crowd puller. It is the largest beach on the island of Diu. Parasailing and surfing are some of the options you’ll find with best amenities at the beach. Beach resorts here will help you take care of food and accommodation.If you’re extremely lucky, you will be able to spot dolphins close to the shore.