If you have a huge appetite for travel and just need an excuse to don your travel hat, then you must know that it’s not a cheap hobby to have. Travel needs a lot of planning, thinking and saving up. You cannot travel for free, but you can definitely exercise a few hacks to save up some money. Here’s how you can go for a budget travel and still have the time of your life:

  1. Plan a trip during off-season

You must never underestimate the power of going on a vacation during off season. Travelling to a place when it is not populated is always a good idea because not only are the tickets cheaper, but also the accommodation and food as opposed to during peak season.

2. Save up on air tickets by using a private browsing window and booking for a Tuesday flight

Most travel websites have a way of keeping tabs on your previous activities which makes it easier for them to quote higher prices the next time you look for flights. A way to avoid that is to clear your web history and using the incognito mode while searching for flights. Also, if you didn’t know already, most flight tickets are the cheapest on Tuesdays because people rarely choose this odd weekday for travel.

3. Use public transport while travelling locally

Buses and trains are the key to cut your commuting charges while travelling on a budget. Most cities and even rural towns in India are well connected by frequent, regular bus or metro lines that you can make optimal use of, instead of paying more money for cab rides.

4. Have food or snacks on you

A conscious hack that will save you loads of moolah is to have some snacks on you at all times so that you can handle those sudden hunger pangs without getting carried away. It’s better to have stuff like fruits, nuts, popcorn or even protein or health bars on you.

5. Explore local and street food

An economical way to travel is by sampling local meals at simple local cafes. Paying loads of money to get a meal at a pricey hotel will only help you get an Instagram-worthy photograph perhaps, but absolutely no satisfaction. Local eateries and street food on the other hand will give you a taste of the local cuisine and what’s better you can easily bond with other locals in an ambiance like that.

6. Experiences over material things, always

Do you hoard souvenirs? Come to think of it, splurging on overpriced curios that will probably just adorn your living space or fridge and serve no other purpose are quite a waste of money after a point. They add up to your expenses little by little. Instead, you could spend that money making memories and experiences that would remain with you for a lifetime.