Hodka, a village incredibly rich in arts, craft and culture, about 63km from Bhuj in Gujarat, is a must visit for every travel aficionado. Located in the Kutch district, Hodka gets its name from the Gujarati word ‘hodi‘ which means boat. While it was first believed to be inhabited by the Halepotra clan around 300 years ago, it has only now started getting the limelight.

The first thing that’ll attract you the moment you reach Hodka are the colourful attire of the people here and the incredible display of arts and crafts.The village is also popular for its leather craft work, some of which you must take back home as a souvenir. Embroidery work is also quite rampant here: checkout the traditional running stitch in products like purses, skirt, choli, quilt, cover for cattle horn, door hanging and embroidered items embellished with mirrors, shells, beads and tassels on them.

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Making of Kutchi Blankets !!!

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Once you’ve gotten past the attractive handicrafts, the structure and pattern of the houses will vie for your attention. The houses here are typically mud houses; the villagers use dung and natural dyes in earthy tones to paint them. Even though Gujarat faces severe heat throughout the year, the interiors of these houses are nice and cool.

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It’s highly recommended that you take a guide with you to tour the village; he can introduce you to the locals and you can then interact with them learning about their lifestyle. If you have some extra time in hand, go on an excursion trip to the wetlands of Chhari Dhand, where you will spot a great variety of resident and migratory birds. Do not forget to carry binoculars, and keep an eye out for Dalmatian pelican, oriental darter, black necked stork, raptors, common cranes and the Indian skimmer. You can also indulge in an overnight camel safari at Hodko, one of the most famous activities in the village.