While staying at a hotel is an indispensable part of travelling, it’s time we understand one size does not fit all. It’s a different requirement for solo travellers, nature and wellness enthusiasts and couples as well as big families. Therefore, understanding how to zero in on an accommodation depending who you’re travelling with is very important.

Solo Backpackers

A hotel stay has the power to make or break your trip. If you are a solo backpacker, in the pursuit to explore a new place, then you have got to be super smart while booking a hotel. While a budget hotel is your best bet, keep in mind that a centrally located hotel with easy access to public transportation, sightseeing and cafes can make life super easy too.

Nature Lovers

If you are a nature lover, don’t book yourself a modern hotel in the middle of the city. Look for remoter locations, where you’ll be away from civilisation. Also, staying in hotels within wildlife parks or sanctuaries, or any kind of nature reserve is a great idea as well.

Cultural Vultures

For culture vultures, there’s nothing like staying somewhere that holds tons of history and grand architecture. Hotels that hold heritage city walks or cultural expeditions should be preferred over just a luxurious property.

Wellness Enthusiasts

A lot of people want to travel to recenter, realign and reconnect with themselves. For them, the yoga retreats or wellness resorts are the deal. Study up on which places have just the right kind of spa massages, yoga and meditation sessions, serene locations and serve up wholesome and organic food.

Family Holiday

While most hotels claim to be family-friendly, check beforehand if they have interconnecting or spacious rooms. Also, a perfect hotel for your family vacation is a hotel located centrally with easy access to public commutes and sight-seeing. If you’re travelling with young children, choose a hotel that has adequate child-care facilities.