Some might feel that travelling responsibly somehow is difficult or puts a damper on the trip, but that’s far from the truth. All it needs for you is to treat the environment and the planet as if it were your baby. Taking care of it would then come naturally; and a few changes in the travel lifestyle would only seem the right thing to do. Here are just a few important and essential tips on how to go green.

Pack light

If you are forever bickering about baggage rules and fees, shift your focus to the fact that the lighter you pack, the lesser the carbon emissions of an aircraft, because it saves fuel. Cut out clothes that aren’t multipurpose and replace books with a kindle.

Choose greener properties

Second to air travel, hotels have some of the greatest impact on the planet in terms of energy use, food, and waste production. Look up properties that propagate responsible travel, environment and low-impact service. These hotels pay attention to minute details such as replacing toiletries containers with the ones secured to the wall, to putting rescycled glass bottles in the room. You then do your bit by not giving the towels and bed linen for wash everyday; this saves more water than you can imagine.

Keep it local

Eating in locally owned restaurants, buying locally sourced food, handicrafts and products made by locals and avoiding souvenirs made of endangered animals are just a few things you can pay attention to. Being conscious of where you’re putting your money will ultimately result in a more sustainable world.

Be vocal about changes you want to see

If you have a favourite airline or chain of hotel, research their policies and bring to their notice the changes you’d like to see; in terms of environmentally friendly alternatives to hazardous ones. Whether it’s about ditching single-use plastic or partnering with companies to offset their carbon footprint, site examples of other brands that are doing those things.

Quit single-use plastics

Plastics are a serious threat to the environment. It’s incredible how much plastic is produced annually around the world, most of which ends up in the oceans. Just phase out single-use plastics; say no to everything from plastic straws, plastic coffee stirrers, plastic bottles to plastic bags and plastic cutlery. Carry your own amenities, and make a difference one travel at a time.