There’s nothing more thrilling for an adventure enthusiast than an expedition in the Himalayas. From traversing valleys, glaciers and passes that have not been explored before, nothing beats a good old trek. While this is a tough one for beginners, seasoned trekkers should definitely consider a circular trek from Manali in Himachal Pradesh to Kashmir and back; making their way through the surreal Hagshu La Pass.

After you catch a bus or hire a jeep from Manali to Udaipur (a hamlet beyond Rohtang Pass) in Himachal Pradesh, take the route towards Miyar Nala Valley. Once you reach the small village of Tingret, head out on foot from there. The thrill starts the moment you cross Miyar Nala on a swing pulley hanging from a precarious rope.

To get to Miyar Glacier from Miyar Nala takes roughly about three days of trekking.  Walk lengthwise along the broken glacier until you reach Zanskar in Jammu and Kashmir. This is where you have to exercise extra caution and be careful with your steps.

To amp up the trek game, once you reach Kang La Pass, take the route going toward Tidu Glacier. Apparently, there is no record of an Indian crossing this glacier in the last twenty years. The highlight of your entire trek could easily be scaling the 6,000m high peaks near Tidu Glacier. Camping at Pota La Pass at a height of 5,500m above sea level is highly recommended.

After Pota La, the trekking route takes you through Zanskari Kanthang Glacier, Dharlang Glacier, till you finally reach Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir. From there you begin your descent along Huram Glacier and Nala; exiting at Killar in Pangi valley. From Pangi Valley you can take a bus back to Manali.

This trek takes a total of four days. Though the trek includes navigating moraine fields, and has the most terrifying descent, crossing Hagshu La at 5,300m in Kashmir is one of the most surreal experiences to have.