The gorgeous Karuvara Waterfall is located inside the Silent Valley National Park in Panthamthodu, roughly 5km away from Mukkali. This is going to pique the interest of travellers who have a knack for trekking. You’re usually required to trek in groups here; the maximum number of people in one group is five and minimum is three. Each group is essentially accompanied by a guide. The trek to Karuvara takes around 4 hours to complete; and is a treasure trove of experiences. You get to spot innumerable species of birds, feel the bounty of nature in its pristine purity and the enchanting glamour of the waterfall.

The best time to go for the trek is from December to March when the weather compliments the activity. Tucked away in the folds of the Nilgiri Hills in Kerala, the Silent Valley National Park is a spectacular patch of green nursing a rich palette of varied habitats. This dramatic landscape is a unique preserve of tropical evergreen rainforests that are home to some luxurious collection of flora and fauna.

The park also offers something known as the Keerippara trek – an ideal package for those interested in wildlife. The trail runs from amidst the tangle of forest types in the buffer zone of the park. You basically have to amble up the path snaking through the forest, feasting your eyes on the magnificent canvas of wildlife and green vistas all around you. It’s common to listen to the orchestra struck up by birds as you explore this slice of heaven. The trail goes through evergreen and moist deciduous forests before venturing into the secondary grasslands at Keerippara. It’s refreshing as it is mesmerising. Here again, you’ve got to trek in a group where the maximum number is five. It’s best to go with an experienced guide on this 4 hour long trek.

The nearest airport is in Coimbatore, about 120km away from Silent Valley.