India’s national carrier may not exactly be having a great year but does it make it to the list of worst airlines in the world? Find out here!

Tuesday was clearly not Air India’s day.

Two flights made emergency landings at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport on the day.

First was the incoming flight from Varanasi, AI 405, which reported hydraulic failure. And then there was the Bagdogra-bound AI 879 that had to turn around because a tyre burst while taking off.

Hydraulic failure and tyre burst! We’re going to let that sink in for a second.

Fact is that Air India isn’t the first airline of choice for several young Indians and the fact that dead insects occasionally make their way into the meals doesn’t help much.

But by no standards is Air India the worst airline in the world. In fact it isn’t even in the worst 15. Skytrax’s latest ranking gives Air India a three-star rating,
same as Jet Airways and several other top airlines in the world.

The rankings did however reveal some of the worst airlines that are (somehow miraculously) flying in 2015.

So, without much ado, here’s the infamous list:

15. US Airways


The American airline is the most preferred mode of flying for all those who want their baggage lost.

What’s worse, not only do they lose your bags they also provide fairly terrible flights and p-r-e-t-t-y terrible customer service.

14. Frontier


Cancellations, delays… Frontier offers you everything you hate about flying.

What is perhaps sad about Frontier is that it was once a well-reputed airline that is now ailing thanks to cost-cutting measures.

13. United Airlines


Yet another American airline to appear on this dubious list is United.

UA’s customer service is so bad the US Department of Transport fined them a million dollars to drive home the point. Sigh!

12. Tigerair


This Singapore-based low-cost airline initially served Singapore and Asia but has expanded its operations to include Australia in 2007.

This year, the federal government-appointed airline ombudsman declared Tigerair as Australia’s worst-performing airline… thrice in a row.

The airline has nonchalant about its ultra-low costs (which are not bad at all if you are travelling with minimal baggage) and its terrible pay scale for its
employees. But it seems keen to shed this image with its recent rebranding (from Tiger Airways to Tigerair).

Will it stick? Only time will tell.

11. EasyJet


If you are flying the UK-based Easyjet, don’t expect any assistance whatsoever. While it does have fairly low prices, its services are lower still.

10. Pakistan International Airline


Rounding off the top ten is our very own neighbor’s national carrier.

So far this year, PIA’s on-time record is… and you may have to sit down for this… 40 per cent.

And considering that they fly just as little as around 3,000 flights every month, that is a terrible, terrible record indeed.

Skytrax also ranked their staff’s language skills and other services.

9. Ryanair


Dublin-based Ryanair takes ultra low-cost to another level altogether.

They cram seats so close to each other you will forget what legroom is; their seats don’t recline; and on some occasions they have known to have done away with extra bathrooms so they could accommodate more seats.

Care to fly?

8. China Eastern Airline


At about 50 per cent, Shanghai-based China Eastern Airline’s on-time arrival is only slightly better than Pakistan International Airline.

But when you consider the fact that they fly some 50,000 flights a month you will realize just how big a problem that is. 25,000 flights of China Eastern Airline don’t land on time. Every. Single. Month.

7. Lion Air


Lost baggage and flight delays should perhaps be the least of your concerns if you’re flying Jakarta-based Lion Air.

In 2012 several crew members, including pilots, were tested positive for meth.

6. Smartwings


Then there is the Czech Republican airline Smartwings.

Lost baggage? Check! Flight cancellation? Check! Hidden fees? Check!

Now suddenly Air India doesn’t seem so bad after all, does it?

Anyway, moving on…

5. Spirit Airlines


Considering that the new airline has been taking cue from some of the worst practices of Ryanair, it is no surprise that Spirit Airlines appears on this list.

And the fact that it outranks Ryanair says something.

4. Nepal Airlines


How difficult would it be to run an airline that has all of s-e-v-e-n functional aircraft in their fleet?

Very, very, very difficult it would seem. Because Nepal Airlines is so, so bad the EU banned it from flying its airspace in 2013.

Skytrax rated them a shameful one on the scale of five in almost every major category. Heck even their website received an abysmal one star!

And oh… only 30 per cent of their flights have arrived on time so far in 2015.

3. Bulgaria Airline


Now, if you are desperate (or quite simply travelling on a shoestring budget) you would most probably ignore all the typical airline problems — cramped seats, terrible loos, poor on-time performance — as long as they made sure you landed safely, right?

Bulgaria Airline manages to check that last box too.

Its safety policies are so bad, they have been banned from flying in US airspace! And they have a shabby two-star rating across all services (or the lack thereof) that they offer.

But what (we imagine) is the biggest problem with Bulgaria Airline is that their planes seem to skid more often than an amateur skater. Which we suppose is the scariest. thing. ever.

2. Pegasus


The second largest airline in Turkey, infamous for its passenger class on international flights that has no food and no entertainment, Pegasus had topped this dubious list in 2013 and 2014.

We’re not quite sure if anything improved for it to slip to number two because the airline that tops the list this year scored a shocking one on five star ranking on Skytrax’s ratings.

1. Air Koryo


Welcome to Air Koryo that has the dubious distinction of being the only carrier to get a one-star rating on Skytrax.

Air Koryo has such a terrible safety and maintenance record that it was banned from flying from EU airspace. And even in 2010, only one particular model was permitted.

Like everything in North Korea, Air Koryo is sponsored by the state and is, somewhat miraculously, still flying!

Now, do you still have complaints about Air India? We didn’t think so either! 🙂