The Karkatgarh Waterfall in Bihar will soon be turned into a Crocodile Conservation Centre – a first of its kind in the state. Legend goes that the beautiful waterfall that was preferred by the Mughal kings to be used as the crocodile hunting ground, will now likely be turned into an eco-tourism spot by helping conserve the crocodiles of the region.

The idea of turning it into a crocodile-friendly spot came after around 75 crocodiles were spotted at the Karkatgarh Waterfall in the recent past. This indicated that this space is perhaps a natural habitat for reptiles of this kind. The forest department of the state will set up two test ponds for incubation purpose, all in an effort to push the initiative. What they will do is they will help sustain the next generation of aboriginal big reptiles. Natural conditions would be created for crocodiles in those two test ponds where female reptiles would be kept for laying their eggs and rearing their young ones. Travellers going toward Varanasi or Sarnath can easily stop here for a tryst with wildlife as it will fall on the route.

Karkatgarh Waterfall located near Kaimur hills is not only home to stunning flora and fauna but also has a number of adventure activities such as boating, swimming and fishing that you can partake in. With the CCR underway, it’ll be a great opportunity to connect with wildlife in the area. Kaimur forests were declared a part of the wild life sanctuary in 1979 and that is when the hunting of crocodiles and other animals were prohibited. This proves that nature has a tendency to bounce back when left to its own devices. Crocodile experts from different parts of the country have been appointed for further research of the spot and preparations are underway to bring you an experience that’ll be overwhelming and exciting in equal measure.