Kudremukh, the largest reserve of a tropical wet evergreen forest in Karnataka, literally means ‘Horse Face’, deriving its name from the unique shape of the famous Kudremukh Peak. It is a perfect destination for trekking, especially during monsoons; it is marked by dense emerald green forests interspersed with pristine rivers, grassy slopes, and rare orchids.

Kudremukh is about 95km from Chikmagalur town, situated at about 1,894m above sea level, overlooking the Arabian Sea. It forms a part of the hill range of the Western Ghats; which makes it a place supremely rich in biodiversity. The most beautiful place here is the Kudremukh National Park – the second largest protected region in the Western Ghats covering an area of over 600 square kilometres.

The region receives an annual rainfall of around 7000mm every year and that combined with the water retention capacity of the grasslands and forests here, has resulted in many gorgeous perennial streams, such as the Tunga, Bhadra and Netravati rivers.

The wet climate and rich vegetation support a huge variety of fauna; the most commonly spotted wildlife here are the tiger, leopard, jackal, wild dog, gaur, chital, barking deer, sambar, Malabar giant squirrel, flying squirrel, langur, macaque, porcupine, wild boar and mongoose.

However, other must visit attractions here include: Lakya Dam, Radha Krishna Temple, Gangamoola Hills and Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls, where the water falls from a height of 100 feet onto interesting natural rock formations and is the perfect spot for a picnic when you are out with your loved ones.

While you have got to obtain permission from the Forest Department for trekking here, it is well worth the trouble, thanks to its diverse landscapes, gorgeous trekking trails and incredible natural vistas. Most treks around Kudremukh start at Lobo’s Place, so head there to start the most memorable trek of your life.

The nearest airport is in Mangalore situated about 130 kilometres from Kudremukh. Mangalore Airport is well-connected with cities such as Bangalore, Mysore and even other parts of India.