If you’re excited at the thought of exploring wildlife in Goa, you must plan a trip to Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in one of the richest parts of Goa and is popular amongst nature enthusiasts for its thriving beauty and stainless charm.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the least-explored sanctuaries in India located on the Western Ghats. And on account of its location, it is home to several rare and endangered species of animals, plants and insects. From Bengal tiger to long-billed vultures, spectacled cobra to flying frog and colourful butterflies to coconut trees, this wildlife sanctuary is rich and diverse. Numerous venomous species of snakes can also be seen in its deepest parts, especially during the monsoon season.

Being home to evergreen forests, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to some gorgeous waterfalls which are scattered across the area. Some of them you must not miss while you’re in the sanctuary are Vazra Sakla Falls and Virdhi Falls. Apart from these twin falls, you will also come across several tiny ones, such as Ladkyacho Vozar. These waterfalls in the sanctuary are generally home to the endangered long-billed vultures.

The most exciting bit at the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is sighting a tiger. Although tiger sightings are extremely rare, the thrill and anticipation of coming across one will constantly keep you on the edge. Additionally, the three highest peaks in Goa – Sonsogod, Talavche Sada and Vageri – are also situated in the hill ranges of the sanctuary.

The vegetation of the area is mostly semi-evergreen moist and dry deciduous type with pockets of evergreen forest on its northern extremity. The sanctuary harbours more than a thousand species of flowering plants and the high precipitation here results in highly economically valuable tree species such as canes, bamboos, ferns, epiphytes, lichens and orchids. A number of sacred groves are also known to exist here.

If you are looking forward to savouring wildlife in all its glory, then the best time to visit Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to April. Its then that you will witness animals and birds out in the open, enjoying the cool and pristine surrounds of the sanctuary. The nearest airport from here is the Goa airport located at an approximate distance of 70km. You can take a cab from there to reach Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.