India has been an international platform for a lot of things ranging from art to trade. There have been several people all around the world who haven’t only been inspired by the culture or traditions in India, but have tried to incorporate it in their own ways. Cinema is one of those ways. Not only is it a matter of pride, but there is also something one can look forward to, when you visit several destinations!

So here is a list of movies that are either wholly or part shot in India and you probably didn’t know all of them.

1. Dark Knight Rises- Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur in Rajasthan

dark knight rises

2. Singularity- Chambal, Orchha, Gwalior


3. Zero Dark Thirty- Chandigarh, Punjab

zero dark thirty

4. Eat Pray Love- Pataudi in Haryana

eat pray love

5. A Mighty Heart- Mumbai, Pune in Maharashtra

a mighty heart

6. Life of Pi- Pondicherry

life of pi

7. Slumdog Millionaire- Mumbai


8. Mission Impossible 4- Mumbai

mission impossible 4

9. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel- Jaipur, Udaipur

best exotic marigold hotel

10. Trishna- Rajasthan


11. The Darjeeling Limited- Jodhpur

the darjeeling limited

12. Jobs- Delhi, Vrindavan


13. Million Dollar Arm- Mumbai

million dollar arm

14. The Bourne Supremacy- Goa

bourne supremacy

15. The Namesake- Kolkata

the namesake

16. Octopussy- Udaipur


17. Outsourced- Mumbai


18. Before the rains- Kerala

before the rains

19. Monsoon Wedding- Delhi

monsoon wedding

20. Holy Smoke!- Delhi, Pushkar

holy smoke

21. The Reluctant Fundamentalist- Delhi

the reluctant fundamentalist

22. On the Other End of the Line- Mumbai

on the oher line

23. The Nowhere Son- Kolkata, Kashi

nowhere son

24. Happy- Kolkata



Not all of the above movies are on stories based in India, yet they have been shot here. So how many of these movies did you know about?