Nohkalikai Falls, one of the tallest plunge waterfall in India, falls from an altitude of 1,115 feet in Meghalaya. It is located in Cherrapunji, the wettest place on earth, almost 55km away from the capital Shillong. The water gushes fiercely to the bottom creating a heavy sound can be heard much before you reach the fall.

The view from the falls at sunset is surreal, you can see far off villages that appear like little hamlets from a fairy tale. According to the Khasi legend and folklore, Nohkalikai Falls has a shocking story attached to it. The gorgeous falls, surrounded by lush greenery and wispy clouds has a story that can shake you up.  

Legend has it, that once upon a time, a woman named Likai lived in a village called Rangjyrteh. Upon the death of her husband, she worked hard to support her young daughter. The village people suggested her to remarry so she did. But the stepfather turned out to be jealous of all the attention that his wife gave to her daughter. Therefore, one day, his sheer pettiness led him to commit a gruesome crime. While Likai was out working, he chopped the daughter into pieces and cooked her meat. After Likai came back, she ate what was cooked for dinner. But when she found out what had happened, she couldn’t accept the reality and went and jumped off the falls. Therefore, Nohkalikai literally means ‘the jump of Likai’.

You can couple your visit to the falls with a trip to Mawsmai Caves about 12km from the falls, for an exciting experience of exploring dark caves. Two other falls that can be visited nearby are Nohsngithiang Falls and Dainthlen Falls. Then there’s the famous Living Roots Bridge you can visit in Cherrapunji. The nearest airport is the Guwahati International Airport located about 166km from Nohkalikai Falls.