If you have a knack for Hindu myths and legends, Ramtek is an ideal place for a short travel near Nagpur in India. The holy town is believed to be one of the halting places for Lord Rama, his brother Laxman and Sita. Not only that, Ramtek is also steeped in history; it was the reigning seat of the Vakatakas, and is still home to a lot of edifices and beautiful structures.

The town is perfect for anybody wanting to learn more about India’s art, history and literature. Ramtek boasts of a rich variety of sightseeing places; places that vaunt of pre-historic traditions and tales of heroism.

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A top attraction here is the serene Khandsi Lake – wrapped in the luxurious display of flora and fauna. Apart from natural beauty, the lake offers pleasant boat rides; a recreation that appeals to all kinds of travellers. In addition to this, Deolapar stationed a few kilometres away from Ramtek is the most renowned institution solely devoted to the conservation and well-being of cows – a must visit for anyone wanting to understand the science behind cow-breeding.

The much celebrated 600-year-old Ram Temple and the famous Shantinath Atishaya Kshetra that boasts of magnificent paintings and engravings are some of the other top sightseeing places here. Then of course there’s the Poet Kalidas Memorial – an appealing brown brick home claimed to be the place where Kalidas wrote his legendary novel – Meghadootam. The highlight of the museum is that the paintings here portray scenes from the plays of Kalidasa.

Then the mighty Sitabuldi Fort where the famous Sitabuldi Battle happened is another attractions worth visiting near Ramtek. Besides this, the Kapoor Baoli is one of the step wells and vintage temples that dates back to 1200 years and the Shantinath Digambar Temple are a must visit too.