Maharashtra is home to a number of breathtaking places that are perfect for nature lovers. One such place is the amazing Satara district. Its lush green mountains and scenic landscapes make it one of the finest vacation spots in the state. The city of Satara which serves as the capital of the district is located near the Krishna river and offers some great views. Other prominent regions like Wai, Koynanagar, Phaltan and Panchgani are also great places to visit. The hill station of Mahabaleshwar stands out as a premier hill station and popular tourist spot of Maharashtra. All in all, Satara is full of exciting places that cater to the tastes of all kinds of travellers. These amazing Satara photos will show you what we’re talking about!

Satara City in Maharashtra

Satara photo 2

Lord Mahadev Temple at Shikhar Shinganapur, Satara District, Maharashtra

Satara photo 1

Mahabaleshwar – Lingamala Waterfalls in Satara

Satara photo 3

Ajinkyatara fort in Satara

Satara photo 4

Rural school kids at their school premises in Satara

Satara photo 5

View of Waghjai Mata temple, Shindewad on the Pune-Satara road

Satara photo 6

Overcast Kaas Plateau in Satara, Maharashtra

Satara photo 7

Beautiful view of a monkey yawning against the Satara backdrop

Satara photo 8

The beauty of Kaas

Satara photo 9

Blooming wild flowers on the meadow at Kaas Plateau, Satara

Satara photo 10

So, for your next offbeat vacation, head to Satara in Maharashtra!