Located about a two hour scenic drive from Kolkata, Taki is a gorgeous retreat on the banks of Ichamati river. Interestingly, it is also the gateway to the Sundarbans, and has Bangladesh on the other side of the river. Known for the palatial houses of the erstwhile zamindars of the state, Taki exudes a charm so earthen that it will stay with you long after you have left.

While most of the architecture is in a dilapidated state, the simplicity of Taki is enough to lure a nature lover to the place. Among the myriad things that you can do here, taking a ferry from the ghat to Machranga Island is absolutely unmissable. It is quite a treat to the eyes, with the river encapsulating the island from all sides. Keep an eye out for the ruins of Zamindar Roychoudhury’s palatial house being swallowed up by the river on your way to the island. Machranga is perfect for a quiet picnic in the lap of nature.

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For those interested in watching the Durga idol immersion after the Durga Pujo, Taki is just the place for it. Hordes of people on both sides of India and Bangladesh come to witness the immersion ceremony. Even the winter months is a great time to visit courtesy of the availability of the indigenous jaggery or patali gur.

Taki is also a food lover’s paradise. The small township whips up various fish delicacies such as the Hilsa or Ilish, Rohu, Prawn or Chingri, Parshe and Pabda. Taki is also famous for Bengali sweets, especially the delectable malpoa.

A visit to Taki is incomplete without exploring the Golpatar Jungle. The experience of the newly made walking path inside Golpatar makes it easier to traverse the jungle and go on nature walks, indulge in bird-watching and even photography.