A city in the Kannur district of Kerala, Thalassery, also known as Tellicherry, is a vibrant political and cultural capital of Malabar. From being the centre of progressive political and literary movements to being the first city in the south where the British first played cricket and baked their first cakes, it has come a long way. The town is home to gorgeous scenic beauty as well as ancient historic landmarks.

Constructed in the 1706 by the British, Thalassery Fort served as a military centre. It is built of laterite blocks with massive walls and strong bastions, and has the most unique entrance among all the forts in Kerala.

Another great attraction and a must visit is the Thalassery Pier, also known as Thalassery Kadalpalam in Malayalam. It’s essentially an old pier jutting out onto the Arabian Sea; while it helped in sea trade during colonial times, today you can just go wander around and soak up its historic significance.

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What makes Muzhappilangad Beach such a delight is the fact that it’s a drive-in beach, so can drive your car right onto the shore. The waters are rather shallow and perfect for swimmers. Another great one is the Dharmadom Beach, adjacent to the Muzhappilangad Beach with cliffs overlooking the Arabian Sea. If you have time for an immersive experience, head to Dharmadom Island, about 1km away from the mainland. It’s an uninhabited, pristine island peppered with coconut palms and dense bushes. An overnight stay at the island is highly recommended.

Overburry’s Folly is a nature lover’s delight – it’s a multi-layered landscaped recreational park affording the most gorgeous and sweeping views of the Arabian Sea. You may head there for an evening walk or just to catch a sunset for a memorable time.

A trip to Thalassery is incomplete without a visit to Gundert Bungalow, which used to be the residence of Dr. Herman Gundert, the revered German missionary, scholar and author of the first Malayalam dictionary.