India is full of stunning places to visit. Be it the spectacular natural beauty of the Western Ghats or the immense rustic aura of the Thar desert region, the marvelous weather of the hilly north or the mesmerizing beaches of south India, there is something alluring about each and every region of this country that draws you towards it. Most of these tourist attractions in India are so picturesque that it is natural for people to come back with loads of pictures after their visit. In today’s age where your social media presence dominates your image, people make it a point to share photos of all the cool places they visit or even pass through. Facebook recently released their annual report which revealed the most popular topics, hash tags and videos posted in 2016. Most of these results were expected as they aligned with major world events like the US elections. However, when it comes to most Instagrammed places in India, there were a few surprises. Don;t believe us? Have a look at this list and tell us how many you expected! (ALSO SEE Top 10 most searched destinations in India in 2016 according to Google)

1. Marine Drive, Mumbai

Marine Drive

Mumbai’s most popular landmark which is synonymous with the city on the global map, Marine Drive is the most Instagrammed place in India for 2016. Shocking, right? Well, considering that Mumbai is a metropolitan and a popular city visited by millions of people from across the globe, and also the local population of Mumbai itself, it makes sense that Marine Drive has topped the list. It is a great place for morning walks and exercises, provides a fantastic view of the city’s skyline and is also ideal for a pleasant viewing of the setting sun!

2. Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal

Though beaten by Marine Drive in the Instagram battle, Taj Mahal is undoubtedly India’s most popular tourist attraction. Few monuments in the world have the kind of aura and splendor that the Taj Mahal boasts of. The white marble mausoleum which is considered as the epitome of love is not just a great example of India’s heritage but also a fine specimen of Mughal architecture.

3. Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Hauz Khas village

One of the lesser-explored but amazing places in New Delhi is the wonderful Hauz Khas village. Not only is the street home to several amazing pubs and bars, as you walk further ahead, you reach the historic Hauz Khas garden which is a fantastic picnic spot and provides a wonderful view of sunset. It made a lot of waves when Chris Martin of Coldplay fame broke into an impromptu performance in one of the bars here.

4. Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Juhu Beach

Another popular attraction in Mumbai, Juhu beach features fourth on the list of most Instagrammed places in India. While it has become extremely crowded in the past few years, Juhu beach still has an intriguing aura about it. In a lot of ways, it represents the busy life of Mumbai and yet serves a great place for people to take a break from their busy daily routines. The several pav bhaji stalls and beach-side shacks spring to life every evening making it a vibrant place to hang out at.

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5. India Gate, New Delhi

India Gate

One of India’s most popular monuments, India Gate is visited by a large number of locals as well as tourists on a daily basis. It is therefore obvious that it features on this list. Not only is the monument simply magnificent, it also invokes a sense of patriotism. Built as a memorial to commemorate the 70,000 India soldiers killed in World War I, India Gate also houses the Eternal Flame, a gesture in memory of the Indian soldiers whosacrificed their lives in the 1971 war with Pakistan. You may remember India Gate from the title song of the path-breaking Bollywood movie Rang De Basanti featuring the talented Aamir Khan and his gang of rebels!

6. Baga beach, Goa

Baga Beach

Goa is India’s most popular holiday spot and Baga is its most visited beach. Located right at the centre of all that’s hep and happening about Goa, Baga is a beehive of party-goers, beach-hoppers and shoppers. Several amazing hotels and resorts located around Baga make it one of the most famous places to visit in Goa. It features seventh on the list of most Instagrammed places this year and is bound to be on this list next year too thanks it to its steady popularity amongst foreign and local tourists alike.

7. Connought Place, New Delhi

Connought Place

One of Delhi’s popular commercial centres, Connought place is home to some of the finest restaurants in the city. It is where many youngsters hang out on a daily basis thanks to the cool pubs and clubs it houses. Tourists too visit Connought place to shop, chill, walk around and get a slice of the capital city.

8. Select Citywalk, New Delhi

Select Citywalk

Another commercial part of the city of New Delhi, Select Citywalk featured eighth on the list of most Instagrammed places in India for 2016. It is nothing but a huge premier shopping mall located in the Saket District Centre. Sprawling across 1,300,000 sq ft of retail development spread over 6 acres, the complex also includes a 4 km long multiplex, and offices, apartments and public spaces. It is visited by a huge number of people who apparently love to post pictures on Instagram.

9. Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden temple Amritsar

And then there is the magnificent Golden temple in Amritsar! One of India’s most popular pilgrim destinations, the Golden temple or Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib is as beautiful as it is generous. It is known to be home to the world’s largest soup kitchen and can serve free food to 1,00,000 to 3,00,000 people every day. A visit to the Golden temple is one of the most rejuvenating holidays one can think of.

10. Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills in Bangalore is an ancient hill fortress in the beautiful state of Karnataka. It is one of the most popular getaways from Bangalore ad is visited by several trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers. It features on this list thanks to the amazing weather and the picturesque views it provides.

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