The pristine beaches of Lakshadweep can rival the famous beach spots abroad such as Thailand, Jamaica & Seychelles. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then ‘enuf said! For tourists there are plenty of activities. Here’s a list of interesting activities & a whirlwind snapshot tour of the land of a hundred thousand isles.

1. Scuba Diving– The government is taking additional measures to boost tourism in the union territory. The plans include bolstering the existing water sports activities. Scuba diving is predominant, along with snorkeling. There are plenty of islands from which one can opt to scuba dive like Minicoy, Kavaratti, Kadmat, Kalpeni & Agatti. One gets to see the thriving marine life here such rays, corals, anemones, turtles, an array of ornamental fishes & even sharks!


2. Other water sports – Canoeing & kayaking in the serene waters is an experience in itself. Canoeing facilities are available in Kalpeni & Kavaratti to name a few islands. Kite surfing is gaining in popularity and many other water sports are getting a boost too.


3. A beacon of light – On Minicoy Island is a lighthouse that was constructed by the British. If one has no qualms about climbing many steps, then the reward is an unobstructed view of the islands for miles around. In 1985, the lighthouse’s centenary year was celebrated.


4. Nature walks – Endless beaches offering unforgettable views, islands that are packed with wildlife, I don’t think one would need any more prodding to venture forth and discover these islands for themselves!


5. Proud not primitive – This slogan was raised to speak up for the Red Indian tribes in North America. However, this rings true with many tribes across the world. In Lakshadweep too, each island is inhabited by different tribesmen. Visiting them is a treat as they are all affable and humble and have a very simple outlook towards life. Some of the tribes here are; the Aminidivi, Malmis & Koyas. Each tribe has their own dance form, and one must see their dance performances. Islam is widely practiced here & Malayalam is widely spoken and understood in Lakshadweep. So if one of your friends, acquaintances of family knows Malayalam, it surely is a bonus!


6. As free as a bird – The Pitti Bird Island near Kavaratii Island is where the Greater Crested Tern, the Bridled Tern, & the Brown Noddy Tern come to nest. It is a beautiful sight to behold, seeing the staggering numbers of them all across this tiny island.


7. Coconuts & fish – Since most of the population are Muslims, there are lots of enticing, traditional dishes such as octopus fry, appams, tuna (which is abundant here & the quality is very good), & other seafood; all of which need coconut to prepare. You will even get dosas and idlis here. There are lots of restaurants, and vegetarians too have many options to choose from. Apart from the traditional cuisine, restaurants serve Chinese  as well as Continental dishes to name a few.


8. Hook, line & sinker – The demand for ornamental fishes is increasing the world over, which has led to the government opening ornamental fish hatcheries in Lakshadweep. There are a variety of fish one gets to see in the hatchery; a popular one being the Clown fish. In Lakshadweep, there are 300 species that belong to more than 40 families of ornamental fishes (according to


9. Shopping – Apart from these activities, when it comes to shopping one can find ornaments made of shells, corals, etc, or one can visit the local museum, or just while away hours on the beach.