Travelling with young children can be extremely challenging. A little planning and strategising can make a world of a difference, especially if you’re hopping onto a long flight for the holiday. Here’s what to do to make sure that flight seems pleasant enough for both you and your toddler.

Pay attention to luggage

Using a large backpack and a small carry-on is the smartest way to pack while travelling with kids. If you have an independent child who likes to carry his own stuff, then get them a suitcase for toddlers. If not, don’t bother because it’ll be a pain to pull that extra bag with your own.

Keep snacks handy

Children are often picky about the food while travelling; so, to avoid a public meltdown, make sure you have enough snacks on you. From chocolates, lollipops, popcorn, crackers, chopped fruit, raisins, nuts and sandwiches – all these and more will keep your child’s tummy full and happy.

The gadget trick

It’s great to not give your kids gadgets to play with at home; but when you’re flying, an iPad can really help in a smooth journey. Load the tablet with short movies, games and other toddler-friendly apps to keep the child busy. Don’t forget to get them a pair of toddler headphones.

Get them to sleep

Usually, toddlers don’t sleep during the flight. But you can always create an environment for them to fall asleep. Make sure to carry any toys or comforters they like to sleep with, to ensure it helps in the process. Just carry a small pillow and a blanket too, to make it comfy enough for the child to fall asleep. Also, it helps if they’re tired before boarding; encourage them to play on the airport.

Comfy shoes and clothes

As a thumb rule, wear super comfortable clothes and shoes if you’re travelling with kids. All the running around, walking up and down the aisle and pacifying a frustrated, screaming toddler seems much bearable when you’re comfortable in your skin.