Almora is this bewitching hill station in Uttarakhand, situated at an average elevation of 1,638 metres. Almora owes its beauty to the dwindling yet gorgeous pines and old oaks surrounding it, as well as the snow-capped Himalayas that stand in utmost grandeur as a backdrop to the place. The place got its name from Kilmora, a tiny plant found in the nearby region, primarily used for washing utensils of the Katarmal Temple. The people who brought the plant, came to be referred to as Kilmori or Almori.

Apart from its alluring beauty, Almora is known for its rich cultural heritage, unique handicraft items and delicious cuisine. You can visit this place any time of the year practically, but if you wish to witness some snowfall, then plan your visit between the winter months of January and March. Since it’s just 370km from Delhi, that makes it a plausible getaway destination to spend some quality time with the loved ones amidst nature.

You could relish the natural beauty by exploring this beautiful region on foot. A nature walk to the nearby villages and hiking are what you must look at when in Almora. You can also enjoy gorgeous sunrise and sunsets at Bright End Corner, which is 2km from Almora.

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If you’re bitten by the adventure bug, the rugged terrain and undulating hills of Almora make for perfect spot to try some adventure activities. From rock-climbing, Burma Bridge to Spider-Web and cycling, these are some fun ways to explore the nearby surrounds. You can also cycle through the dense forest area of the famous Binsar Wildlife for a unique experience.

Being a commercial station, Almora has one of the largest markets in the Kumaon region and is a perfect spot for shopping. Apparels made from Angora wool are quite popular here. You can also visit Panchachuli Weavers to buy handmade products. This organisation employees only local women to weave some of the most amazing products, which make it even more special!

You can visit  some rather well-known temples here such as: Katarmal Sun Temple, Golu Devta Temple, Jageshwar Dham, and Nanda Devi Temple. Do not leave Almora without enjoying local cuisine from the market area there. Especially remember to taste the famous Bal Mithai and Singhodi of Almora.