There’s been a gradual shift in the way people travel all across the globe; and those trends have picked up even in India. Multi-generational travellers seem to be more conscious today; of their impact on the environment and the people around them. Therefore, while solo trips and wellness retreats are legit trends in their own right, here are some of the most interesting ones that are doing the rounds.

Responsible travel

One of the most interesting travel trends seen so far this year, especially among millennials, is that of responsible and sustainable travel. People today are all for balancing and maintaining the eco-system while they travel, and they do that by going plastic-free, pollution-free and by reducing their carbon footprint wherever they can.

Travel during off-season

Over-tourism has started to really bother travellers who look for peace and tranquility in their travels. So a rising trend of travelling off-season has gained momentum, where travellers don’t mind if they miss out on some facets of the destination in return for a less crowded destination.

Travel to influence

Travellers who are passionate about exploring the world, often want to share their experiences with as many people as they can. And social media has provided just the right platform for them. As they explore new places, sample authentic and unknown cuisines, and experience diverse cultures from across the world, travellers keep documenting and sharing them over social media. The response is often overwhelming, inspiring a large number of people to travel more often.

Travelling on foot

Avid travellers often believe that exploring every corner on foot of the place they visit is the ideal way to slow travel. That way they learn about cultures, sample food and hear stories that they never would have otherwise. Therefore, guided walking tours and city walks have really picked up, enabling travellers to observe more and delve deeper into the intricate aspects of the destination. Similarly, other latest trends include food walks, nature walks, photography walks, wildlife walks, culture and heritage walks and more.