The northeast is known primarily for its unadulterated natural beauty; and Arunachal Pradesh is one such state blessed with nature’s bounty. It is home to many national parks, and even diverse wildlife. Home to four varieties of cats namely tigers, leopards, clouded leopards and snow leopards, you can also spot primates that include slow loris, rhesus macaque and the capped langur. Here are the top parks you must explore in Arunachal Pradesh.

Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park is one of the largest areas that serve as the ‘protected zone’ in Eastern Himalayas. Known for its whopping size and rich biodiversity; the different types of flora and fauna found here are a treat to the eyes. These include the endangered snow leopards, clouded leopards, red pandas and the red fox. The vegetation here is primarily rainforest and evergreen forest, and since the park shares close proximity with Mishmi Hills and Patkai Range, you can also spot a huge variety of birds, butterflies and moths here.

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Somewhere near Dong – the eastern most village of India.

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Mouling National Park

The second national park to be established in the state after Namdapha National Park, Mouling National Park is named after a nearby peak which literally translates into ‘red blood.’ Don’t be scared, the name comes from the red latex made from a tree species found here. It’s a gorgeous looking park spread across 483 square kilometres, with the Siyom river and a few other rivulets flowing through it. The park is home to a variety of animals such as the Bengal tiger, barking deer and leopard.

Daying Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary

Formerly known as Lali Wildlife Sanctuary, Daying Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary is home to some of the most commonly spotted carnivores and herbivores such as deer, langur, and water buffaloes. Spread over an area of 190 square kilometres, the wildlife park is located in East Sian district, and has rivers Siang and Sibiya criss-crossing through it.