While the idea of a picture perfect vacation is extremely alluring, it often needs a little extra work on the part of the traveller. If you’re travelling to a beach destination in India, especially Andaman, going a little prepared can ensure a smoother ride. With the temperatures going hay-wire and persistent haggling or thievery on beach destinations, here are some tips to follow on your next trip.

Always check the latest weather report

While weather is something that we do not have control over, knowing the weather conditions in advance can help you tweak your plans accordingly. For example, it’s better to avoid Andaman during rainy and cloudy weather; it affects tourism to a great deal here because it’s an island.

Have emergency contact numbers handy

Whether you’re going alone or in a group, having the emergency contacts of a hospital, airport authorities or even hotel authorities is important. You must ideally have them on your phone as well as on a diary. This may seem a little extra but can be really helpful, especially on an unlucky day.

Never take valuables to the beach

Andaman is a beach destination; you can’t not be on the beach on your trip here. However, on days when you’re indulging in activities like snorkelling, scuba diving and sea walks, it is highly recommended that you carry little emergency cash and leave everything else in the locker in your room. That is because you may not find a safe place to keep your things.

Choose an expert local guide

The biggest advantage of having a local expert as your guide is that they plan things for you from an ‘insider’ point of view for the most authentic experiences. Also, they can be your go-to person in a new city if an emergency crops up.