Tosh is a beautiful village located at the far end of Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It used to be accessible through an uphill walk in the past, but now thanks to a bumpy road, the 3km distance between Barsheni and Tosh can be covered in a taxi. Tosh is located at approximately 2400m above sea level; and that could be the reason why it has an out of the world feel.

There are a lot more guest houses and hotels than there used to be in the past, and an endless background of trance music dominates the scene. The place has a great vibe if you want to bond with travellers from all over the world and it’s a surreal feeling to spend the night out under the clear sky with mighty Himalayan peaks on all sides.

Tosh has some of the cutest hippie cafes, that serve food from around the world and have the quirkiest interiors decorated with psychedelic graffitis and paintings. Tosh is also famous for its trance festivals that happen mostly in June-July.

Tosh is home to the temple of Jamdagini Rishi, where, interestingly, travellers are not allowed to enter. Infact, there’s a placard that says it’s a fine of up to INR 5000 for those who enter. If you’re a curious traveller, you can also find your way to the enigmatic village of Kutla, close to Tosh.

Also, it is located close to the base of the Kheerganga trek, so you can hop over to Kheerganga to undertake one of the finest treks of Himachal Pradesh. Tosh is also just about an hour away from popular spots like Kasol and Manikaran. Kasol’s dreamy ambiance, pleasant weather and beautiful Beas river attract travellers (especially Israelis) from all over the world. It is located just 20km from Tosh and has all the modern amenities or facilities like ATMs or cyber cafes that you might need.