Going on a guided travel tour and you believe you can rest after choosing your package tour operator; then you are wrong. There is no denying the fact that tour and travel operators do take care of your burden by making your travel plans, making arrangements for travel, food and stay and ensuring that you have a good experience.

However, if you lower your guard and do not carefully read the fine print while signing on to the dotted line, then you could be in trouble just as the Chakravorty family from Mumbai found out to their dismay.

It was a long time dream of the Chakravortys to go on a tour of the Europe and for that they selected the market leader in tour and travel operators. After the 15-day tour and spending over Rs six lakh, the Chakravortys feel cheated and short shrifted.

Read on to know more about the things you should remember while making your travel plans.

Read the brochure carefully

Take time out and read the documents given by the tour operator carefully. Do not overlook the fine print and insist on clarification if you do not understand anything. Do research about the places you would be visiting. This will help you seek clarifications from the tour operator and also help plan your stay accordingly. Ensure the deal includes air tickets, hotel as well as transportations.

Get everything in writing

From airport pickups, flights, schedules, hotels and other details, get everything in writing. This would help throw more light on what to expect and prevent the tour operator from duping you under the cover of ambiguity. With most of the communication being carried out over emails, it should not be a problem. Confirm the food that will be served to you while you choose a package. It is often overlooked and you might have an unpleasant surprise on your tour.

Ask for comprehensive itinerary

Right from places you will be visiting, time spent at each destination, means of transport, name of hotels, distances from hotel to city centre and the modes of transport. Do not forget to ask for distances from parking places. The information would come in handy as many old cities and towns of Europe do not allow vehicular traffic into city centre. During their sojourn of Paris, the Chakravortys had to stay about one hour’s drive from the city centre.

Ask for travel insurance

Medical insurance is important. Check with your health care provider and get a good medical insurance cover. It will come in handy in the event of accident or illness in a foreign country.