New Delhi: A few days ago an old photo of a Kolkata-London bus went viral on Twitter. It was not a fake photo. It was real which sent Twitter gushing about how mesmerising a cross-continent bus ride would be. Now a Gurugram-based travel company has announced a two-month bus trip to London in 2021 — hopefully when the pandemic is over. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput’s London Fans Pay Tribute to SSR by Featuring His Pics on a Truck

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Here are the details of the mindboggling trip

1. The journey will cross 18 countries, covering a disrance of 16,000 km in 52 days.

2. The journey will start from Imphal.

3. Imphal-Myanmar-Thailand-Laos-China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-Russia-Latvia-Lithuania-Poland-Czech Republic-Belgium-London: This will be the route

4. The tour will begin from April 18. It will end on June 8.

5. The cost of the tour is Rs 22 lakh per person.