Nature has its ways of amazing us every once in a while. The world is full of great natural wonders like huge snow-capped mountains, mammoth rock structures, dense green rain forests and large gushing waterfalls. While you might have seen some or many of these natural wonders in different pats of the world, have you ever seen something that left you speechless and wondering if it were real? That is exactly what was witnessed by a hiker in Iceland.

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Iceland is popular for its great glaciers and stunning waterfalls. It offers several hiking and trekking trails for enthusiasts. So when one such enthusiast was hiking one of the cliffs of Látrabjarg in Iceland, witnessed fog taking a strange shape. What he saw was difficult to believe at first. However, as he saw more of it, he was awed by the whole sight and even recorded it. It appeared as if the dense fog had taken the shape of a waterfall falling from the cliff. The sound of the heavy, cold breeze combined with this view made the whole experience quite surreal. Have a look.