There is so much to do over this weekend in Mumbai that you can probably not stay back, laze around and roll over your bed, after you have a look at this list. Check out the awesome places you can be at and have a blast in your own way.

1. Mediterranean Night With Almoraima

What: A fusion of genres of music from around the world, Massimiliano Almoraima, Roberto Chiga, Emanuela Perrupato, Pavel Molina Ruiz, Giorgio Distante will put up a show with Arabic, Oriental, modern Flamenco and Rajasthani folk music.

Where: Blue Frog, Lower Parel

When: October 9, 9:15 pm

Cost: Rs. 500, Rs. 1500 Full Cover Ladies free entry (post 9 pm), book your tickets here

2. Stand-Up Comedy

What: Daniel Fernandes, Abish Mathew, Kunal Rao, Brij Bhakta are all set to send you on a laughing spree!

Where: Canvas Laugh Club, Palladium Mall

When: October 9 to Ocotber 11, 8:30 pm

Cost: Rs 750, book your tickets here

3. All about The Best in Stand-up Comedy

What: When an MBA grad., a freelance writer and an advertising consultant come together, everything is easy to be ridiculed. These three budding comedians of the country are going to make you fall off your chair laughing.

Where: Blue Frog, Lower Parel

When: October 10, 8:30 pm

Cost:Rs 495, book your tickets here

4. Travel, How To & How Not To

What: If you’ve been wondering how to make your travel experience better, more personalized and not be left regretting doing or not doing somethings when you were out vacationing, then this is one of the discussions you must be a part of!

Where: The Hive, Khar (W)

When: October 10, 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Cost: Rs 200, book your tickets here

5. Batwara

Photograph courtesy: The Xircus/FAcebook

Photograph courtesy: The Hive/FAcebook

What: A collaboration of four stories from the time of the Partion of India, Batwaara is a play based on short stories by Saadat Hasan Manto, Munshi Premchand and Parag Dubey.

Where: The Hive, Khar (W)

When: October 9 and October 10, 5 pm to 6:30 pm

Cost: Rs 200, book your ticket here

6. Coffee Essence

Photograph courtesy: The Hive/Facebook

Photograph courtesy: The Hive/Facebook

What: A simple yet unique concept of creating art with coffee concoction. Painting with only coffee and water and working with its various tones is what you’ll learn at this workshop. You will also be able to take back your piece of art.

Where: The Hive, Khar (W)

When: 11 am

Cost: Rs 500, register here

7.Gilby Clarke And Friends

Photograph courtesy:

Photograph courtesy:

What: If you know Guns N’ Roses, you’ll know about Gilby Clarke’s three-year stint with the group. Yes, he is finally coming to the city and bringing back sweet memories of Rock N’Roll.

Where: Blue Frog, Lower Parel

When: October 11,  9:30 pm

Cost: Rs 1300, book your tickets here

8. Do you event set M8?

Photograph courtesy:

Photograph courtesy:

What: Delhi’s Raghav Mandava is ready to woo you with his ironically awful, annoying yet amazing sense of humor. This stand up comedian has been working on his favorite act ‘Do U Even Set M8’ to make you laugh like you’ve never before.

Where: The Hive, Khar (W)

When: October 11, 7:30 pm