Bhopal is a city that successfully blends old world charm with modern day development. So naturally, there’s no dearth of things to do here. Whether you’re a culture vulture, a nature lover, a wildlife enthusiast or a new age traveller – here are the top things to experience in the City of Lakes.

City Chowk

The best way to explore Bhopal is to walk through its best known and oldest alleys. The Chowk area, an old market square of Bhopal, is known for preserving the charm of the past. Remember to stop and admire the architecture of Imam Square, Shaukat Mahal and Sardar Manzil on your city walk.


An interesting place to visit is the Bhojpur Temple – an incomplete temple dating back to the 11th-century. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is also known as Somnath of the East. The carvings on it are intricate and it is located on the banks of river Betwa.

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The beautiful Shaukat Mahal. An architectural gem in the city of #bhopal. The city shot to international ‘fame’ for all the wrong reasons, on the evening of 2-3 December 1984 when the #UnionCarbide plant exposed 500,000 people to 42 tonnes of toxic gas. Thousands died immediately from the effects of the gas, waking up to a burning sensation in their lungs, many were trampled to death in the ensuing panic. The official death toll was 2259, Another estimate had 8000 people die in the 1st two weeks and a further 8000 have since died from gas related diseases! This is frequently cited as the worst ever industrial accident. #Costcutting was the reason for this most tragic disaster. In 1998 the India Supreme Court reached an agreement with Union Carbide and $US 470 million had to be paid to the Indian State – at that time the company made 9.5 billion, 20 times that amount !!!! Surprisingly, VERY LITTLE MONEY REACHED THE VICTIMS. The terrain where the plant stands is STILL contaminated and #DowChemical who owned Union Carbide (now recently merged with #DowDuPont) REFUSES to DECONTAMINATE the soil. #Greenpeace estimate it would only cost $ US30 million to decontaminate it….#tragedy #criminal #india #corporate #costcutting #travel #igers #tagsforlikes #architecture #cityscape

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Natural abundance

Though Bhopal is a modern day city, it is nicely balanced out by the abundance of natural beauty in and around the city. You must visit the iconic Upper and Lower Lakes, divided by an overbridge. There are walkways offering great views around and a government run boat club with facilities for sailing, paddle boats and motor boat rides. Another natural attraction is the Bhimbetka Hill, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s located 45km from Bhopal and is known for the cluster of 14 rock shelters which house some of the best prehistoric rock art in the world.


This may come as a surprise, but Bhopal is a fine activity hub for those who love being in the wilderness. Located 10km away from the city, Van Vihar National Park, is home to some of India’s well known flora and fauna. Perched on Shymala Hills, it’s a natural-looking enclosure for tiger, lion, sloth bear, striped hyena, crocodiles and other carnivorous animals. Van Vihar National Park was created with the motive of protecting animals from various parts of the state. Today, however, it’s ideal to come and observe animals from a close quarter.