If you’re travelling to Pondicherry, do not leave without visiting Auroville. It’s a small town dedicated to the ideals of Sri Aurobindo. The town promotes the idea of equality and harmony in life where there are no political or economic biases. Therefore, you’ll see people of all caste, creed and nationalities co-existing peacefully here. Basically, Auroville is where a society functions above the fulfilment of material pleasures and joy. And you must include it in your itinerary at any cost.

The most beautiful structure here is the Matrimandir; a striking golden dome that is visible from afar. To visit the temple, you first need to learn about the rules of visiting Matrimandir; post which a visit inside the temple is possible the subsequent day.  Also, the Botanical Gardens in Auroville are worth a visit too. There are more than 250 different species plants here and the idea of keeping it in a great condition is their desire to preserve our environment.

In fact, there are volunteering programs here where you can sign up to work on the extensive forested lands of Auroville. The main one is Sadhana Forest; there are regular afforestation programmes in the region. Then of course, what’s a trip to Auroville without a visit to the nearby beach. The town is just five kilometres away from the coast; the azure waters and the gleaming sand is just the right spot to catch a surreal sunset on a dreamy evening here.

As a means to bring to the outside world the message of harmony, Auroville organises various summer workshops and seminars as well. They aim to spread the ideals of Auroville to a larger population by sharing all the various activities that the residents partake in and their way of life in town. Ideally, a ten-day visit to Auroville is recommended to understand fully what it stands for.