Home one of Asia’s largest crucifixes, this church boasts of a 16 ft carved wooden cross.

After construction began in the year 1986, the church was consecrated in the year 1991. Initially conceptualized by its then Bishop, whose tomb lies within the Cathedral’s boundary walls, the three-crore expense on it was mostly funded by the Japanese soldiers who wished to construct a monument in memory of their fellow soldiers who fought in the area during the Second World War.

The architecture of the church resembles that of houses in its area, blending into the hill on which it is situated. The church’s environs read the following two quotes:

“…It is with thankfulness that we heard that a Catholic Cathedral was built, where Mass would be offered every morning in the memory of the fallen…”

“When you enter in here, bring before the Lord all those who gave their life and who will give their all..”

Used as a venue for the reconciliation of the British and Japanese veterans, the cathedral is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The Roman-Catholic church has a holding capacity of over 4500 people and is the church of the bishop of the diocese of the area.

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