In an effort to reduce traffic congestion in the city, Delhi might soon introduce a new mode of commute. The transport system in question here are the water taxis, which will soon be an integral part of Delhi’s commute if things go as planned.

The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) is going to implement the project on the Yamuna, to shorten the travel time between Wazirabad to Fatehpur Jat and bring it down from a whopping 3.5 hours to a doable 45 minutes.

To helm this development, IWAI proposes to develop river Yamuna in a way that will boost the tourism in a sustainable way. So, apart from the Yamuna Water Taxi being a major means for urban transportation that will contribute in reducing traffic congestion, it is also expected to boost tourism manifold in the city.

The Yamuna Water Taxi Project will cover a total length of 16km, across five locations on the banks of river Yamuna. The locations are Fatehpur Jat, Tronica City, Jagatpur, Wazirabad, and Sonia Vihar. The project might get implemented in two phases: in Phase 1, it will connect Sonia Vihar to Tronica City and in Phase 2, it will connect Wazirabad to Sonia Vihar and Tronica City to Fatehpur Jat.

There are plans to operate the vessels on multi-fuel sources to make it a more environment-friendly and sustainable mode of transport. After all, with all the climate change and pollution, thanks to the toxic emissions from our cars and buses, the water taxi (it is a boat) will be our saving grace. Let’s hope the effort by the Central government in building the terminals as well as the vessels turns out to be successful, and the ride from Delhi’s Wazirabad to Fatehpur Jat in Uttar Pradesh is a seamless experience, unlike anything experienced before.