New Delhi: On Saturday, the number of COVID-19 cases in Gujarat crossed the 5,000-mark as 333 people tested positive in a single day. Maharashtra, on the other hand, saw 790 cases — 547 of them only in Mumbai — on Saturday, which was a sharp decrease from Friday. The oscillating numbers in various states are worrying as India has already spent a month under lockdown. From May 4, several relaxations will be allowed as selective zones are being ready to exit the lockdown situation. But what about the rising numbers in Gujarat? Where did the state go wrong? Also Read - Major Setback For Congress in Gujarat as 2 Party MLAs Resign Ahead of Rajya Sabha Polls

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Though Gujarat started seeing cases pretty late, it is fast catching up with Maharashtra — the hotbed of the infection. And here are the numbers. Also Read - COVID-19: Cardiff Half Marathon Postponed Till March 2021


The total number of COVID-19 cases in Gujarat now stands at 5,054, including 250 new detections in Ahmedabad. The rate of recovery is also high. “With 160 more people discharged on Saturday, the number of the people recovered from the viral infection has gone up to 896,” said Principal Secretary (Health) Jayanti Ravi. She said that 17 of the total 26 deceased were suffering from some of the other underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, kidney, heart and liver diseases, mental illness, HIV etc.


With 790 persons testing positive on Saturday, 547 of them in Mumbai, the number of coronavirus patients in Maharashtra reached 12,296, while the death toll due to the pandemic reached 521 with 36 new deaths. 121 patients recovered and were discharged from hospital during the day, taking the number of recovered patients to 2,000, a statement from the state health department said.

Of 36 deaths,27 were reported in Mumbai. Again, of the state-wide tally of 12,296 coronavirus patients, the state capital accounts for a whopping 8,359.

Mumbai’s death toll is 322. Coronavirus figures for Maharashtra are as follows: Positive cases 12,296, new cases 790, discharged 2,000, deaths 521, active cases 9,775, number of people tested 1,61,092.

Where did Gujarat go wrong?

The Gujarat state government has said that there is nothing wrong. The sharp increase in the number can be attributed to the high testing rate. It’s unbelievable but true that Gujarat witnessed its first case on March 19, five days before the lockdown was imposed. Now, Gujarat is now going for pool testing to augment its capacity.

Pool testing is a process in which multiple swab samples are pooled together and tested. If one comes negative, that means all the samples are negative. But if one comes positive, then all samples will be tested individually.