Jagga Jasoos is perhaps the most awaited movie of the year. But, if one were to see the final trailer that released today, just two weeks ahead of the movie release (on July 14), you would agree that it’s totally worth the wait. Believe us when we say that even a glimpse of the trailer will make a non-follower of Ranbir Kapoor, his fervid admirer. When one watches Ranbir, he is not watching him act as Jagga, he is watching him become Jagga, and that’s what makes all the difference. Even Katrina Kaif is befitting in her role as a journalist who helps him in his quest to find his father’s murderer. With the trailer having peaked the intrigue surrounding the movie much more than before, we bring to you five best moments from the trailer that no fan should miss out on.

1. The way in which Jagga sings and narrates the story of his heart due to his speaking disorder is pure gold! He as a stammerer is so convincing that it almost gets difficult for us to believe that he is merely acting. Given that Ranbir sings to overcome his speaking disorder, explains why there are 29 songs in the movie. And with each of the four songs released so far going ahead to become chart busters, we can’t wait to watch Ranbir crooning and dancing to the rest in his adorable boyish avatar! (ALSO READ: Ranbir Kapoor – Katrina Kaif maybe be awkward around each other and it is absolutely OKAY!)

2. As Ranbir and Katrina are seen speeding through the streets in their usual “catch me if you can” chase sequences, it is very apparent that the movie is filled with adventure. The ease with which Ranbir is seen jumping from the Ferris Wheel in the trailer adds on to his boyish charm and leaves fans intrigued. The actors’ spontaneity and energy gather up a powerful emotional head of steam, which we can’t wait to watch.

3. The highlight of the trailer is of course, Jagga’s premonition about his father. While initially he is seen saying that his father did not commit suicide and that he was in fact murdered, later on he goes ahead to say that he is alive. This transition in his story leaves us curious to know what awaits us on July 14. (ALSO READ: Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif get goofy as they recreate a few poses from Jagga Jasoos at the trailer launch)

4. The trailer also gives us a glimpse into Ranbir-Katrina’s on screen chemistry which is too endearing, to say the least. In their quest to reach the bottom of what truly happened to Prof Baagchi, Jagga’s father, they are seen fighting goons, wheeling through roads, matching each others dance steps in an impeccably synchronized way and even braving a leopard, which is too hard to ignore in the trailer.

5. The brilliant cinematography seen through the trailer reminds us of Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Ltd that won several international awards for its motion picture photography. With a warm and cozy feeling, the movie is packaged to be an entertaining action comedy musical.