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White wine is great year-round, but something about the warmth of summer makes these tasty wines all the more desirable. Enjoying a concert in the park, a rooftop party or brunch along the shore with a nice chilled glass of white wine makes everything better. Also Read - This Bottle of Red Wine that Spent 14 Months in Space Can Be Yours for Whopping Rs 7.29 Crore

Most of us are familiar with the standard Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio trifecta, so we asked Maegan Kovatch, our expert on the best wines, to suggest some less common but still delicious white wines under $15. Salud! Also Read - Wine in a Can: Dia Aims To Change The Way Country Consumes Wine, Says Sula CEO Rajeev Samant

1. Yalumba Viognier (Australia), $9.99

Viognier grapes are known for their peachy aroma. On the palate, you’ll taste dry, luscious flavors of tree fruit and nuttiness and undertones of spice. This wine is reminiscent of its close cousin, the spicy Gewürztraminer.

Tip: Because viognier is so aromatic, it should be chilled down to a nice 50-55 degree temperature unlike some of its fellow white wines that actually show better at a warmer temperature to really enhance the bouquet.

2. Artner Gruner Veltliner (Austria), 1L $12.99

Gruner Veltliner is the most popular white varietal in Austria and is fairly synonymous with Austrian wine culture. It can be fresh and lively to concentrated and intense. This refreshing white typically shows nuances of green apple and citrus, with a touch of fresh, cracked pepper.

Tip: Grüner Veltliner has a reputation of being a particularly food-friendly wine and is a popular offering on restaurant wine lists. Look for it!

3. Louis Sipp Pinot Blanc (France), $13.49

Pinot Blanc is a close cousin to Pinot Grigio but offers a lighter flavored wine with citrus, melon, pear, apricot and floral notes combined with characteristic high acidity.  It tends to have a more savory finish. This Louis Sipp bottle is a classic representation: fruity, high-spirited, fresh and ready to drink.

Tip: Pinot Blanc is a great brunch wine that pairs perfectly with eggs and quiche. Try it for Sunday brunch!

4. Kung Fu Girl Riesling (Washington), $14.99

Rieslings can vary greatly. Though often assumed to be sweet, that is not always the case. So when making a selection, make sure to pay attention to the region it’s from. Rieslings from Germany, for instance, are sweeter and may have notes of rosewater and lychee. On the other hand, those from the Niagara region (Canada/Upstate NY) are much drier and crisp.

Or you can go straight for our suggestion. On the nose, Kung Fu Girl is bursting with Asian pear, white peach and spring flowers. Apricot, pear, lime, and a pleasant minerality keep this off-dry wine at the perfect level of subtle sweetness.

Tip: This is a great wine for a summer picnic — and has a fun label!

Some Other Classics

If your local wine shop doesn’t have some of the bottles we mentioned in stock, you can never go wrong with a classic. Here are some more suggestions for white wines under $15 that you’ll love.

  • A Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, ($14.99) is a great wine to bring to a party. Those in-the-know will recognize it instantly.
  • For a night in, try the less expensive South African Indaba Sauvignon Blanc, ($9.99). Your light summer pasta dish will never taste better.
  • Though you might be in the ABC (anything but Chardonnay) club, a Stonehedge Chardonnay, ($9.49) could change your mind. Crisp, lovely and a bit lighter than many Chardonnays, this is definitely worth a try.

Do you have a favorite white wine under $15 and a tasty treat? Let us know in the comments below!

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