California: To the delight of his fans and followers, Tesla chief Elon Musk is back on Twitter after he went offline for four days. On Tuesday, hours after becoming active on Twitter, Musk retweeted a SpaceX video showing a successful Crew Dragon parachute test and congratulated the teams that worked on the test.

The billionaire Tesla and SpaceX founder has an impressive fan following on Twitter and the 29 million people who follow him are sometimes referred to as the ‘Muskbros’.

On November 1, Musk had fired off a series of tweets indicating that he might leave Twitter, perhaps in favour of popular news and discussion platform Reddit. He wrote, “Not sure about the good of Twitter” and then tweeted he was “going offline.”


However, it seems that after four days, the clouds of disillusionment have vanished.

That wasn’t the first time Musk wanted to go off Twitter. A similar thing happened in June when he said that he deleted his Twitter account, but the account remained active. He briefly changed his Twitter name on the platform to “Daddy DotCom” before reverting to his own. Musk previously went offline in October too but announced it would only be for a few days.