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Argentina: 2 priests arrested for allegedly abusing children
Buenos Aires, Nov 30 (AP) Authorities in Argentina say they have arrested two Roman Catholic priests accused of sexually and physically abusing at least eight children at a school for youths with hearing disabilities.
The priests are 82-year-old Nicolas Corradi and 55-year-old Horacio Corbacho. Three other men who worked at the school in northern Argentina were also arrested this week.
The suspects have not yet commented publicly about the allegations.
The provincial Mendoza government has suspended classes at the Antonio Provolo Institute for children with hearing impairment. It’s also banned faculty and staff from having any contact with students.
The Mendoza archbishop’s office is expressing solidarity with the victims and says it’s cooperating with authorities.
The abuse allegations surfaced after a complaint by provincial lawmaker Daniela Garcia, who spoke to a witness through an interpreter. (AP)
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